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Fabulous Four Reading Comprehension Puppets

by Lori Oczkus

Primary Concepts
Box 10043 Berkeley, California 84709
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Capture the delight and undivided attention of your primary students as you teach comprehension lessons using the Fabulous Four puppets. Introduce four powerful comprehension strategies-Predict, Question, Clarify, and Summarize-with these unique, richly detailed puppets, and watch even the youngest students improve their comprehension skills. Paula the Predictor, Clara Clarifier, Quincy the Game show host, and cowboy Sammy Summarizer each share their engaging personality and a special role to play in developing meaning from text!

The exclusive guide written by national literacy consultant and bestselling author Lori Oczkus shows you how to use your puppets with the whole class, guided reading groups, in centers, or with reading buddies. Includes minilessons, reproducibles, puppet patterns, and much more, to make comprehension strategies come alive with any book you are reading.


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