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Guided Writing: Practical Lessons, Powerful Results

by Lori Oczkus (2007)
Heinemann Publishers
P.O. Box 6926
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03802
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Guided writing is your handbook for the newest, most effective way to move students into independent writing. Lori Oczkus provides everything you need to support children in the fledgling phase between carefully modeled group writing and their first solo pieces.

The lessons are ready to use complete with graphic organizers, links to six traits of writing, dozens of student samples, and exciting student friendly activities. Scaffolded lessons and chapters include commonly taught genres including: poetry, patterned writing, personal narrative, expository writing, and personal narrative.

This comprehensive resource provides you with absolutely everything you need to make guided writing your favorite instructional method and the one that helps students to make a smooth transition to independent writing with confidence and competence.

What educators are saying about Guided Writing: Practical Lessons, Powerful Results
"This book is a must have for teachers. It is full of practical lessons that are easy to implement, timely, and provide outstanding instructional techniques. Even more important, the lessons are student-friendly. The "Cool Tools" are a truly outstanding resource."
- Nancy Edwards, Professor Bloomsburg University


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