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Reciprocal Teaching at Work: Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension

by Lori Oczkus

International Reading Association
800 Barksdale Road
Newark, DE 19714
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"A practical and easy-to-follow guide for making reciprocal teaching work in a variety of classroom situations."
- Dr. Timothy Rasinski, Professor of Literacy Education, Kent State University

"This is a ready to use support system that will make a difference in the comprehension of the students we serve."
- Linda Hoyt, educator and author

Use this innovative teaching model to help your students construct meaning from text by integrating four reading comprehension strategies - predicting, questioning, clarifying, and summarizing - into whole-class sessions, guided reading groups, and literature circles. This book is the foundation of the reciprocal teaching model. Use these lessons to improve your students' reading comprehension.

And also available: A companion video (in VHS or DVD format) that shows you all the steps in action. An IRA Book Club selection, October 2003
©2003 | 224 pp.ISBN 10: 0-87207-514-1 | ISBN 13: 978-0-87207-514-6

About the DVD/Video
Reciprocal Teaching Strategies at Work: Improving Reading Comprehension, Grades 2-6 (video/DVD)

Here's the ideal professional development tool: an award winning 40 minute video/DVD program that demonstrates how to implement reciprocal teaching in your classroom, school, or district. Lessons for whole class, small guided reading groups, and literature circles are included for both primary and intermediate grades. View a sample clip, free viewing guide, and lesson materials at

Association of Educational Publishers 2006 Distinguished Achievement Award

What educators say about Reciprocal Teaching Strategies at Work: DVD/Video

"Not to be missed! You will see that teaching students how to strategically and purposefully interact with text and with each other through reciprocal teaching is enjoyable, productive, and most of all, effective. Lori Oczkus is a master teacher!"
- Dr. MaryEllen Vogt, Professor Emerita, California State University, Long Beach: Past Prestident, International Reading Association

"Lori has done an outstanding job of making reciprocal teaching clear and understandable for teachers. Teachers will want to view this video many times because there are so many exciting, practical ideas they will be able to use."
- J.David Cooper, author/literacy consultant

"This video will help every teacher, reading specialist, literacy coach, or staff developer use the power of reciprocal teaching to improve the reading comprehension of all students. It's a great companion to Lori's book!"
- Audrey Fong Literacy/Intervention Specialist, k-12 Milpitas, California


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