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Interactive Think-Alouds Lessons

by Lori Oczkus

557 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

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Interactive Think Aloud Lessons: 25 Ways to Engage Students and Improve Comprehesion
In this innovative new "must have resource" you will find a wealth of exciting classroom-tested lessons that will aid you in teaching the comprehension strategies--connect, predict/infer, question, summarize, monitor/clarify, and evaluate-- through a variety of modalities. These highly interactive lessons engage students with tools that include gestures, props, and songs that help students understand when to use a strategy. The DVD offers additional support, watch the lessons in action before, after, or during your reading of the text. The DVD includes classroom posters for display, graphic organizers, and a staff development outline for teacher learning communities. For use with Grades K through 6.

"This book is a MUST READ for every teacher, literacy coach, and literacy leader! Lori Oczkus is the master at translating the latest, research-based practices into daily lessons that every teacher can immediately implement! Congratulations, Lori, on a book that can help every teacher, reach every student, and help every educator improve comprehension of every book!"
- Cathy Collins Block, PhD, Professor of Educaton, Texas Christian University

"Lori Oczkus has done a masterful job of bridging the gap from research into practice.This book is filled with practical strategies, rooted in research and tested in classrooms, for helping students make meaning from texts. Well done Lori!"
- Tim Rasinski , PhD, Professor of Literacy Education, Kent State University, Kent, OH

"Once again Lori Oczkus delivers just what teachers want and need to improve reading instruction. Every teacher will want to use this book as a reading strategy resource."
- Tamara Jo Rhomberg, K-5 Reading Intervention Coordinator, Rockwood School District, St. Louis, MO


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