Partial client list

International Reading Conferences
San Antonio IRA 2005 - two hour
Toronto IRA 2007 -Co-Chair Preconference Institute

Featured and Keynote Speaker at
Arkansas State Reading
Louisana State Reading
Colorado State Reading
California State Reading
Maryland State Reading
Michigan State Reading
St. Thomas Aquinas College New York
Reading Recovery Conference Lesley College
San Diego City Administrators

Many Local reading councils in California
-Alameda County Reading Council keynote
-Solono County Reading
-Contra Costa County Reading
-Mendocino County Reading
-Mountain/Desert Reading Council
-Gateway Reading Council
-Marin Reading Council

Rhode Island State Department of Education
Reading First Training
Midland Texas Reading Coaches
Napa Valley Unified Reading Coaches Chester County Intermediate Unit Downingtown, PA
Marysville College, St. Louis, MO
Moreno Valley California
Geary Schools Geary Kansas
Wisconsin CESA #7
San Juan Unified School District Carmichael CA
Rocklin School District, St. Louis MO

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"Lori Oczkus is a lively and engaging speaker. She has presented many times for our local reading council. The evaluations from her popular sessions are full of praised for Lori, both for her content and her presentation style."

"Lori's lessons are based on sound research and do not require much preparation-good for the teacher-and are fun for the students. When using Lori's lessons, even struggling readers and English Learners feel successful and see themselves as readers."

Kathy Langham, Past President Alameda County Reading Council 5th grade National Board Certified Teacher

"Lori Oczkus 'sparkles' as a presenter. She brings great knowledge, expertise and a warm rapport to her work with teachers..."
Audrey Fong, Literacy Intervention Specialist for the Milpitas Unified School District Milpitas, California

"We made great gains at our schools, thanks to both of Lori's comprehension books... We used "Super Six" and "Reciprocal Teaching" as the texts for professional learning communities in five schools. All five of the schools were on the state list for not making AYP. After two years all five schools successfully made AYP and attributed a large part of that success to the implementation of the materials. I have one inner city school that has increased scores almost 20 points. Middle school content teachers changed instruction to include comprehension instruction with dramatic results.

We were fortunate to have Lori present to the teachers as well. Her presentations are engaging and full of ideas that can be immediately implemented. I would highly recommend both her presentation and materials. Lori is making a difference!
Cathy Bailey, Literacy Consultant Chester Intermediate Unit grades 4-12 Downingtown PA

"Lori has worked with our literacy coaches and teachers in Napa for several years. Her work with us has inspired us and reminded us why we became teachers!"

"Lori is gifted when it comes to working with teachers and students alike, her charisma, high energy and unique way of communicating, inspires all she comes in contact with. The learning we've experienced in the super six comprehension strategies training has surpassed anything many of us have attended in recent years. When coaches and teachers go back to their sites and use the new strategies, they have reported huge success with their students, which in-turn revitalizes and rejuvenates us!"
Kimberly Ferrario, District Literacy Content Coach, Napa Unified School District

"Do you remember as a child trying to catch a fire fly? Weren't you amazed that such a little thing could have so much energy and be so luminous! Well, that is exactly how I would describe the past two days with Lori Oczkus. She has tireless energy and such a depth of knowledge but presents it all in such a straight forward manner that it is easy to understand and apply."

"Reciprocal teaching has been a main component of the RI program since its inception seven years ago, but our work with Lori over the past three years has taken the philosophy of RT much deeper into our instruction. She is a master teacher and presenter. Imagine walking into a room with 50 teachers, 6 unknown students, a camera, and teaching a purposeful and effective reading lesson for 45 minutes! Wow!"
Tamara Jo Rhomberg K-5 Reading Intervention Coordinator, Title I, OASIS Eureka, Missouri

"Lori Oczkus conducts energy-packed workshops that help teachers incorporate"best practice" in reading comprehension Lori is masterful in providing practical ideas and literacy lessons for beginners as well as advanced teachers and literacy coaches."

"Her work is research-based and classroom-tested. You know after five minutes of hearing her speak that she has used all these strategies with children in real classrooms."
Daniel J. Rocchio, Ed.D., Director of Graduate Program in Literacy School of Education, Maryville University


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